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A Letter From the Editor and Illustrator


            Since submissions closed on October 20th: I have edited, illustrated and designed the website for our inaugural issue, Volume I, which was released on Halloween 2020. The past two weeks have been a caffeinated fever dream but I must say, the process of creating this literary magazine was as educational and challenging as it was rewarding. 

            I am so grateful to all the writers who allowed me to illustrate their writing and share the beauty they add to the worldtheir unique voices and creations.  Times may be uncertain, but when I see how we collaborated to make a powerful, lovely shout into the voidI see how essential art is to creating community. Thank you for giving me the chance to listen to your heartbeats, draw your imaginations, and learn how to properly format a link.

              I owe an especially big thank you to my coworker at Atlantis and friendBella Wick, who became our managing editor just before our release. She created our Instagram account and all the graphics featured on it as well. Additionally, a huge thank you to Melissa Crowemy creative writing professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmingtonwho was an excellent resource and motivator. Without her, I would not have dreamt of this challenge nor realized my own capabilities by enduring it. All of the talent and enthusiasm around me is what breathed life into Grimsy.

          As we continue to work toward our ambitions of creating and curating a grim and whimsical experience for our readers and contributors, we hope you will continue to follow our journey on Instagram (@grimsylitmag) and by subscribing at the bottom of our website to receive email alerts.

        We are shining our flashlights into the tunnel of the future and looking forward to the adventure awaiting us.

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