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Contest Guidelines


Twice a year, Grimsy hosts writing contests where you can prove your work is truly the best. Contest winners will receive $10, an illustration to go alongside your work hand drawn by the Editor-in-Chief, and will be posted on our website and Instagram (@grimsylitmag). 

Follow us on Instagram (@grimsylitmag) to be sure you never miss a chance to participate in our spooky community of goth and horror enthusiasts or to have your story featured on our Hall of Fame page.





Submissions for this spooky little contest open November 15th, 2022 and close January 21st, 2023. The winner will be

announced on Valentine’s Day. You may submit one poem and one prose piece.


Email your submission to with the subject line: “Your name 2023 Valentine’s Day Contest Submission." In the email please include: genre of your submission(s) and Brief bio written in the third person. We are happy to label a submission anonymous if that enables the author to write more honestly.


Prose: 750 words maximum

Poetry: 1 page maximum

Anti-love letters are expressions of your innermost desires and secret grudges. They don't have to be adressed to a person and they don't have to be nonfiction. Get creative, take on the persona of  an elderly grave robber who has some vendettas to take care of before he dies, or a ghost determined to win their house back from its new inhabiants. Or, tell us about the things that have been squeezing and compressing your heart to the point where it might burst, maybe, like Edgar Allan Poe, you too have some things hidden away under your floorboards. Whatever it is, write about it, just no depictions of sexual violence or anything that is racist or homophobic IT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED and you will be blocked and cursed. 

We look forward to reading about all your darkest thoughts and secrets.



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