Katherine Watterson

[Founder, Editor-in-Chief, website designer, contributor, & illustrator]

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Katherine is a heathen who has a simultaneous, one-sided romance with Edgar Allen Poe and Mary Shelley. In the daytime, she is employed at Atlantis as the Nonfiction Editor but she moonlights as an aspiring traditionally published novelist. Her nonfiction essay, "Writing, Heartbeats, and Other Compulsions," was  published in The Monarch. In 2019, Katherine was selected to be a reader for the B.F.A. event at The University of North Carolina Wilmington Writer's Week. She is currently working on her first graphic novel. Katherine also designs tattoos and makes Tik Toks of her illustration process @gothiccauthor


bella wick

[Managing Editor, contributor, layout designer, social media manager]

Bella Wick thrives off of a busy life. She is currently the copyeditor for Atlantisa writing tutor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, a team leader at Learning Express Gifts, and now the managing editor of Grimsy. She has three pieces published in Volume I. She was the proofreader of Chautauqua's Boundaries issue, and her Honor's thesis is a collection of nonfiction horror stories. Though procrastination is her best skill, she hopes to forever copy edit other people's works and write heart-wrenching nonfiction. 

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