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Grimsy is a literary and arts magazine based in Wilmington, NC that publishes all forms of writing–especially, the unusual–once a year when the clock strikes midnight on Halloween. Each piece chosen for publication within our magazine is illustrated by Katherine Watterson, our Editor-in-Chief and Founder. In between our yearly issues, we publishh our chapbook, Dead of Winter and host themed writing contests judged by our editors.


Just as Plato thought art should be instructive to society, we at Grimsy believe art should be destructive to common perceptions and behead traditional, tyrannical expectations. Our magazine exists in the space between the grim and the whimsical and is designed, like a tarot card deck, to be an interactive visual and emotional experience.


There are a lot of freaky, strange aspects to existence and there should be a rickety old manor at the top of a hill where we can speak about them over candlelight in fancy clothes, or what is even the point of living?


No, seriously, we are asking.



You can buy our magazine, illustrations, and stickers at

Old Books on Front Street 

located in downtown Wilmington, NC

or by selecting the SHOP tab located at the top of the page.

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