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Cleaned Toilet

        Debbie had never closed at the toy store before, and I was tasked with “training” her on how to clean the bathroom. It’s usually pretty clean because we’re a local store, so we don’t have as many customers as the Walmart next to us. One room, one toilet, one sink, and one stepstool for the kids in our store. Cleaning the bathroom is pretty straight forward, but I at least had to show her which products to use on which appliances. 

        “If you want to wear gloves, they’re right here.” I pointed to the box of gloves in the back room. She didn’t. We walked to the bathroom, and I explained that we spray the paper towel with the 409 solution and wipe the toilet seat.

“What?” she asked, surprised. “Now I see why you wear gloves.”

I responded with a puzzled look.

       “At home,” she explained, “after I clean the toilet bowl, I use the brush to clean the toilet seat.”

        I swore to never let Debbie clean the bathroom.

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Bella Wick is studying creative writing with a publishing certificate and English with a professional writing certificate. Her most common forms of procrastination include cleaning and helping her friends solve their problems while ignoring her own. She wants to learn everything there is to know and traveling might be cool someday.

      Bella Wick

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